GRA Collective

About us

Gambling Realities Africa is a collective of researchers and practitioners which brings critical, evidence-based research to discussions and action to understand gambling and to reduce gambling related harms across sub-Saharan Africa.

We aim to create a space in which researchers, practitioners, policymakers and experts by experience can exchange ideas, foster collaborations, and collectively pursue social change.

Our Aims

  • To support the development of gambling research across sub-Saharan Africa, including the empowerment of an early career research community.
  • To provide a community for gambling researchers to develop understandings of diverse gambling practices across sub-Saharan Africa, including the under-representation of women in gambling
  • To hold regular meetings including:
    1. An annual conference
    2. Micro-conferences and Seminars
    3. Proposal development workshops
    4. Early career development workshops
  • To disseminate key research findings with policymakers and practitioners on the impacts of gambling and the differentiated harms associated
  • To amplify the voices of ‘experts by experience’ on gambling harms and foster their engagement in research


The GRA collective is led by two Co-Chairs, and panel of convenors, each serving for 2 years. The first panel of convenors is made up of colleagues involved in organising and presenting at the Network’s inception conference. After 2 years, elections will be held to decide new membership of a panel.

Convenor chairs